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Every job is estimated accurately based on specific man hour cost and item method. There is no guess work in our estimation...

Advance Bill of Material (ABM)

Material take-offs generated from Tekla. Hand written material take-offs with markups from design drawings.

Bolt Lists

Bolt Summaries for Shop & Field Bolts. Point to Point Bolt summary. Bolt summaries by Area / Sequence.

Conveyor Structures

Preparation of Layouts and Details for Conveyor Bridges with open / enclosed gantries.

We do a lot!

Building, powering, moving and curing the world

Iron Detailing Services is a reputed and versatile Engineering

& Management Consulting entity specializing in Structural Steel Detailing sector. We are a one of its kind, Structural Steel Detailing Company with focus on motivation. We offer superior steel detailing services to a wide range of clients including commercial ones. With more than 15 years of experience in this sector, we offer tailor made solutions for various types of clients.

Iron Detailing Services offers comprehensive solutions for all types of structural engineering services. It is among the leading CAD drafting and design agencies in this sector in the country. We have the top talents in this industry to ensure the clients get the best possible results! Our Structural detailing drawings experts have come up with several awe-inspiring CAD drafting solutions for diverse types of clients. Our expertise in drafting, steel detailing and 3D modeling is unparallel.



Our intention is to provide detailing services with error free solutions.

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