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Iron Detailing Services is oriented and technically advanced company for structural steel detailing, for various projects like Hospital, School Building, Airport, High Rise Building, Stadium, and Industrial Building. Detailing of Heavy structural steel, miscellaneous steel and Material Handling Equipment like Transfer house and Excavator & Reclaimer. Iron Detailing Services team focuses primarily on detailing large, multifaceted projects where technical capability, experience, and access to a large pool of well-experienced detailers & checkers are critical to the overall project's success. Our excellent service delivering with Quality,
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We take the time We take the time to learn our client standards, processes and systems in first job therefore project will run smoothly and effortlessly the guys on the shop floor and erection site.


We prepare RFI's and release it in advance so(So that the Job could not get hampered in between. ) Our Project manager is always online so that our client can clear more queries and project status on daily basis.

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